Snoop Dogg – Make America Crip Again


Snoop Dogg Drops A New Song Titled “Make America Crip Again”, Download Mp3

Snoop Dogg has made his intentions well known in his new track titled “Make America Crip Again”. He goes on to highlight the emergence of black millionaires and their dominant role in shaping American culture. “Don’t pretend like I’m with that bullshit your president been tweeting,” raps Snoop, “them black boys is ballin’ out the whole block is eatin’.”

“Make America Crip Again. “Fuck that shit! We gon’ make America crip again, cuz!” Snoop has recently announced his second project of the year, a brand new eight track EP titled Make America Crip Again. The project, which is set to drop next Friday October 27th, will feature appearances from Chris Brown, October London, OT Genesis, comedian Hahadavis (this finna be a breeze!) and more. 

Check out the tracklist below.

01. M.A.C.A.
02. 3’s Company (feat. Chris Brown & OT Genesis)
03. Good Foot
04. Dis Finna Be a Breeze (feat. Hahadavis)
05. None of Mine
06. My Last Name (feat. October London)
07. Sports Center (feat. Designer Flow)
08. Fly Away (feat. Shon Lawon)


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