Hopsin – Happy Ending


Hopsin Drops “Happy Ending”, Stream On Spotify Or Download On iTunes Below

It’s Friday the 13th, and it seems the date is special to some set of singers, previously, Lil Wop dropped Friday The 13th, and the song means whole lots of things, just visit read-up and listen to the song to get a full idea, but now, another singer, Hopsin delivers an x-rated tale, complete with a bizarre Asian impression.

The opening of Hopsin‘s song “Happy Ending” tells the full ride will gonn be strange and filled with some weird shit. The song finds Hop putting on a masterclass in storytelling about his experience getting an “Asian massage.”And while it does have a few laughs, it might be hard to get past the cringe worthy Asian impression Hop puts on in the chorus: “I can give you good massage, I can be your everything, you give me fifty bucks, If you know say nothing, I can give you sucky-sucky, If you give me more money, I give you do something lucky.”

Get the full song on spotify or iTunes and stay updated for more.


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